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Testimonials about WinSim's Process Simulation Solutions

Process Tech, Inc. (PTI) has been using WinSim's Design II process simulator since early 1996 to design, optimize and analyze many processes in the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (HPI). This work includes:
  • Gas Plants . All elements (Treating, Refrigeration, NGL Extraction, Compression, Fractionation, etc.)
  • Refinery Crude Units . Crude Fractionators
  • Olefins Units . All elements (Chilldown, Ethylene and Propylene Fractionators, etc)
  • Aromatics Units . Benzene, Toluene and Xylene Fractionators
...and others. The majority of this work has been performed for major companies, on capital-funded projects, both domestic and abroad.

PTI's Director of Engineering, Mr. Roy Young, has used process simulators since 1969. He states "Design II meets all of our requirements for this work. It is fast, robust and the technical support is the best ever had. Further, because of their continuing effort to expand and improve Design II, WinSim has demonstrated their commitment to the HPI and we look forward to a long and enjoyable relationship with them". For further comment, emails should be addressed to email .

Design II is the heart of Tourtellotte and Associates LLC consulting services. We have been using Design II for Window since 1992. We consider Design II to be the best presentation of Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook in software format. In addition to the data base of 1000 compounds , the ChemTran module provides the tools to create the thermodynamic and physical properties for most any compound that one can write a formula.

Over 300 examples of process calculation solutions provides the starting point for all tasks .

After the process model is defined in Design II Process Flow Diagram, the Process Simulation that took weeks to perform long hand before the Computer age can now be performed in minutes .

Todays Chemical Engineers must have these tools to adequately perform Chemical Engineering Plant Design Calculations. If your company is not already using this software, we recommend your company commit people and resources to this program or engage a consultant who is proficient in the use of Design II software package in order to analyze existing plant designs or operations to create important process improvements and cost savings.

Respectfully Submitted
John F Tourtellotte Sr.
Tourtellotte & Associates LLC

Ascent Engineering has been using Design II from Winsim since November, 1998. We have used Design II to simulate crude and vacuum units, an FCC main fractionator, absorber-strippers, debutanizers, a naphtha stabilizer, amine absorbers, and numerous other towers. Design II has performed admirably in every case. The results generated by Design II are quite consistent with other, higher priced simulators.

Winsim support has been very responsive to our needs, always responding quickly to requests for support. Technical questions emailed to the support staff have always been responded to within 24 hours, and typically within half a day. They have listened to our requests for additional features, continually adding new capabilities and improving old ones. Any software problems that have cropped up have always been quickly corrected.

We are happy to recommend this software.

John Estill

The first jobs our firm handled was distillation of aqueous ethanol for use as automotive fuel "gasohol" in 1981. At that time we were introduced to ChemShare's DESIGN II. We were in an era when simulations like this was done on a remote mainframe computer (ChemShare's) PRIME 2250 at 300 baud transmission rates. You queued the job in the morning and sat waiting for results the rest of the day.

In the 25 years we have seen un-parallel growth in computers , as well as, the software. To what if scenarios are just a key stroke away. Today you can develop a mirror like image of most petrochemical and refinery processes. For the last fifteen years we use DESIGN II exclusively on ALL jobs. Some of the applications we have used DESIGN II is for:
  • crude oil distillation; (we have handled more then 10 different refineries)
  • vacuum distillation;
  • lube oil fractionation;
  • hydrotreating; (a plant based on this simulator was built in Pudong, Shanghai in 1996)
  • distillation of aqueous methanol;
  • reforming to manufacture hydrogen;
  • dehydration of methanol to make di methyl ether;
  • de-propanizer revamp for a gas processor in Africa;
  • amine sweetening revamp;
  • a world class ethanol plant. (currently in the mill);
  • manufacture of lime;
  • carbon black process;
  • manufacture of formaldehyde;
  • manufacture of ammonia.
  • manufacture of thiols, hydrogen sulfide,
  • reforming
As consultants to worldwide refiners and petrochemical plants we rely on predictions made by simulators like DESIGN II to design new processes and optimize existing ones.

We have used virtually all the features of the simulator and are very satisfied with its capabilities and technical support.

Raj D. Kulkarni, P. E.
Petro Project Engineering, Inc.
P. O. Box 890343
Houston, TX 77289
Tel. (281) 470-2121

The Design II simulator is fast, accurate and comprehensive. It is easy to use and the technical support is always right there. An email answer to any question can be expected within a matter of hours. They are responsive to requests for new features. Highly recommended.

Oren Moore
Missouri City, TX

I use Design II for Windows since 2001. Since then I successfully simulated:
  • methane conversion to syngas
  • methanol synthesis loop
  • crude methanol distillation
  • dissolving/redissolving gases in crude methanol
I'm glad to have this soft and would recommend it to all involved in chem. research and engineering. The main features I'd like to set off are follows:
  • equipment modules for simulation of the most generally used chem. tech. equipment
  • great variety of mixture properties models (VLE, enthalpy etc). Covers the most of the cases concerning organic products. Especially useful for multicomponent systems simulation: no need to write programs using Basic, Pascal etc.
  • possibility of adjusting VLE models to user's data using ChemTran
  • simple and versatile program language
  • possibility of output to Excel the simulation results
  • detailed and comprehensible User Guide
  • friendly and quick-response (actually no later than next day) E-mail support
V Potapov,
Organic group manager,
Central lab,
JSC Acron,

WinSim Inc. Design II process simulation software offers users incredible chemical plant modeling for existing process evaluation as well as for designing plant retrofits for production capacity and efficiency improvements. The software includes all unit operations of chemical engineering at incredibly low cost, compared with other vendors process engineering simulator software. Tremendous time savings result from the replacement of older process simulation software with Design II, giving engineers more time to study plant improvement alternatives. Design II simulation results are in very close agreement with other process simulator programs and the reports provide excellent support of detail of calculations for client project documentation. Chem-Engineering Services replaced another process simulator used for 15 years with Design II in April 2000, gaining tremendous new advantages. Design II provides engineers with extensive thermodynamic methods and fluid properties options for most every chemical process. The Design II simulator is versatile, efficient and produces quick, reliable answers for todays chemical engineering needs in a very easy-to-use Microsoft Windows format.

Glenn Combs
Process Technology Consultant
Chem-Engineering Services
1500 Glenmar Avenue
Monroe, Louisiana 71201-4946 USA
Tel: 318-387-5791
Fax: 318-387-2227

The Process Group, LLC has used WinSim Design II software for over six years on a wide range of projects in the hydrocarbon, power, oil & gas production, chemicals and food industries. We use the program to simulate process systems, including major refinery units for new and revamp projects, power generation from waste gas streams using cogeneration technology, offshore and onshore oil and gas treating, glycol dehydration and energy recovery projects.

The principal advantage of the software is its ease of use and excellent technical support. We have never waited more than a few hours to receive answers to our questions or help in getting a simulation to run.

The thermodynamic packages available are second to none and offer a full range of methodologies to accurately generate properties from heavy crude oils to light ends gas streams. The use of Chemtran data base files for specialized operations such as amine and glycol units is especially helpful, and alleviates the need to use expensive specialized software for these unit operations.

We would recommend this software to any user in the refining, oil & gas, power sectors or any industrial/manufacturing facility were hydrocarbons, gas, steam, flue gas or other utility system needs to be modeled. This includes projects involving heat recovery, fractionation, separations, pipelines, flare/relief systems, boilers/steam systems, gas compression, dehydration and treating, waste water stripping, and modeling systems to generate data for inclusion in environmental permitting.
For small businesses, consultants or process engineers in major firms, this software is easily justified and is becoming the gold standard for those who want value and service in the same package.

Murray Page P.E.
The Process Group, LLC
5405 Alton Parkway, Suite 5A-613
Irvine CA 92604
Tel: (949) 458-7563

Terrific simulation software - very useful for a better processes understanding!

Cesar Salas Room
Technical Manager
Hidroquimica Industrial S.A.
Lima, Peru

For your interest, I have found Design II to be a very good teaching and learning tool for the students. A positive feature (from my perspective) is its user-friendliness when it comes to report writing. One can move effortlessly between Design II and Word and extract any graphics and specific data needed for the report.

Geoffrey McKee
Guest Lecturer
School of Petroleum Engineering
University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia
Tel +61 407 456 202

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