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Features of Design II for Windows Process Simulation


Windows User Interface Y

Data Export To Microsoft Excel Y

1,200 Pure Component Database Y

Thermodynamic Properties Y

Transport Properties Y

Crude Assay Data Y

Crude Library (38 World Crudes) Y

Distillation Curve Input and Output Y

Windows Simulator Kernel Y

Visual Basic and Visual C++ Callable Y

Automatic Recycle Analysis Y

Advanced Recycle Convergence Y

Reverse Recycle Calculations Y

CO2 Freeze In Streams Y

Hydrate Prediction Y

Lost Work Analysis Y

Input / Output Units Control Y

Critical Properties Calculation Y

Saturate Feeds with Water Y

Reid Vapor Pressure (3 methods) Y

Manuals in Windows Help Files Y

300 Example Flowsheets Y

Depressurizer Analysis Y

Flowmeter Sizing Y

Polytropic Compressor Analysis Y

Unit Module Specific Thermodynamics Y

Column Calculations: Y

Tray by Tray Hydraulics Y

Tray Sizing Y

Heat Exchanger Rating: Y

Single Phase Y

Two Phase (E and F shells) Y

Two Phase Air Cooler Y

Two Phase Plate-Fin Y

Line Module Calculations Y

Heat Transfer to Surroundings Y

Slug Flow Analysis Y

Pressure Drop Tables Y

Process Line Calculations Y

Heating / Cooling Curves Y

Sizing Y

Separator Sizing Y

ChemTran module Y

Case Study feature Y

Process Optimization feature Y

Inline FORTRAN feature Y

User Added Equipment Y

Steady State Calculations Y

Dynamic Simulation Calculations Y

Bubble Points / Dew Points / Water Dew Points Y

This feature list supercedes all previous module lists.
Features are subject to change without notification.

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