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WinSim's Link2WinSim Thermodynamics Process Simulation Solution

Over 60 thermodynamic equations of state are available.  You can Link2WinSim Thermo for K Values, Enthalpy, Viscosity, Thermal Conductivity, and Surface Tension.   Bubble and Dew Points for mixtures and hydrate predictions are easily determined.  Phase envelopes and maps are easy to generate.

Here are the different thermodynamic methods currently available:

Hydrocarbon K-value and Enthalpy Methods
API Soave, BWR (Benedict-Webb-Rubin), BWRS (Benedict-Webb-Rubin-Starling), DMPEGK, Esso (Maxwell-Bonnell), GERG 2004, GERG 2008, Grayson-Johnson (API), Kent-Eisenberg (Mixed Amines), LKP (Lee-Kesler-Ploecker), NIST RefProp, Peng-Robinson, Peng-Robinson-Stryjek, Predictive Peng-Robinson, RK (Redlich-Kwong), Soave (Soave-Redlich-Kwong), Steam Tables, SKD (Soave-Kabadi-Danner) and tabular k-values.

Chemical K-value and Enthalpy Methods
Sour Water API, Edwards, Edwards Sour, Henry’s Gas Law, Ideal Vapor, MEA or DEA, NRTL (Renon), Solids, UNIFAC, UNIQUAC, Vapor Pressure and Wilson.

Density Methods
AGA, API Soave, BWR, BWRS, Corresponding States, COSTALD, GERG 2004, GERG 2008, Ideal, Lee-Kesler-Ploeker, Mixed Amines, Modified Peng-Robinson, NIST RefProp, Peng-Robinson, Redlich-Kwong, Soave, Soave-Kabadi-Danner, Soave-Redlich-Kwong and Yen-Woods (Std).

Viscosity Methods
API, Dean and Stiel, LN Average, NBS81, Twu, Mod API, Mixed Amines and NIST RefProp.

Thermal Conductivity Methods
API, C. C. Li, LN Average, NBS81, Mixed Amines, NIST RefProp, TEMA 68 and 78.

Surface Tension Methods
API, Molar Average, Mixed Amines and NIST RefProp.


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