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WinSim's Design II for Windows Process Simulation Solution


The Easy Way To Do Simulation
Microsoft® Windows® has become the standard for desktop graphical computing and WinSim's DESIGN II FOR WINDOWS was the first process simulator developed specifically for Windows computing. DESIGN II FOR WINDOWS has been leading the way in this technology since 1991.

Instant Usability
One click and you'll be convinced: DESIGN II FOR WINDOWS is the easy way to do simulation. WinSim's original process simulator for Windows is intuitive and inter-operable with other Windows applications. Its look and feel provides an instant familiarity for experienced Windows users. The graphical interface means there are no special commands or function keys to remember. Just draw your flowsheet with point-and-click simplicity. Double click on flowsheet equipment and streams for specification dialog boxes to appear. Once your flowsheet is complete, DESIGN ll for Windows will even validate your input before computing the simulation results. Export stream and equipment results to Microsoft Excel, or display the complete results as a text file. The simulation is fast, easy, and error free.

The Proven Pioneer of Simulator Engines - DESIGN II™
With a forty-five plus year history of continued development and refinement, DESIGN II has long been a leader in process simulator innovation. Many DESIGN II features, such as Inline FORTRAN and rigorous column calculations, have set the standard for process simulation. Because of its proven strengths, DESIGN II is the simulation engine underlying DESIGN II FOR WINDOWS. DESIGN II is a powerful and comprehensive process simulation computational engine, which performs complete heat and material balance calculations for a wide variety of pipeline and processing applications. The simulator's easy-to-create flowsheets allow process engineers to concentrate on engineering, rather than computer operations. A minimum amount of input is required to utilize DESIGN II FOR WINDOWS. WinSim's simulator offers advanced features, such as sizing and rating of heat exchangers and separators, within the flowsheet. The DESIGN II FOR WINDOWS database contains 1,200 pure components, and others can be added via CHEMTRAN. Also included is a crude library with 38 world crudes, already characterized and at your fingertips.


  • Physical Properties
  • 2 Phase Pipeline Modeling
  • Expander and Lean Oil Plants
  • Glycol Units / TEG dehydration
  • Amine Units (Single and Mixed)
  • LNG Liquefaction
  • Gathering & Transmission
  • Rigorous Refinery Columns
  • Petrochemical, Hydrocarbon, Refrigeration, Chemical, Ammonia, Methanol, Sulfur and Hydrogen Plants
  • Heat Exchanger Sizing & Rating
  • Separator Sizing & Rating
  • VLE, VLLE and LLE Data Regression
  • Fuel Cell Systems
  • Relief Valve Simulation over Time
  • Ammonia Plants
A Perfect Fit for Any Environment
Whether the situation requires a quick answer to a simple pressure drop problem or a complete simulation model of a large plant for operational engineering, DESIGN II FOR WINDOWS is the perfect combination of power and ease-of-use. The size and complexity of the flowsheet, including the number of unit operations, streams, and components, is practically unlimited.
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