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Steam Table Calculation Programs (freeware)

Please note that these are the personal property of Michael Lynn McGuire

Please note that CALCSOFT / H2OCALC / STEAM67 are NOT warranteed nor supported by WinSim Inc.

STEAM67 is a Win32 DLL for calling the 1967 ASME steam tables from a Win32 program. The calling protocol is documented in STEAM67.H. The dimensional units are Temperature - F, Pressure - psia, Steam Quality - %, Specific Volume - cuft/lbm, Specific Enthalpy - btu/lbm, Specific Entropy - btu/lbm/R, Saturation Temperature - F, Saturation Pressure - psia, Degrees of Superheat - F, Degrees of Subcooling - F, Viscosity - lbf*s/ft^2 and Critical Velocity - ft/s.

Source code for STEAM67.DLL CALCSOFT.ZIP is a ZIP file of four DOS programs using the steam tables:
  • H2OCALC - steam table property calculator
  • ISENCALC - isentropic steam turbine or water pump calculator
  • QHTRCALC - closed feedwater heater, open feedwater heater or condenser calculator
  • CALCSOFT - control program for the other three programs
  • (225 KB)
All of the CALCSOFT programs use the 1967 ASME steam tables for steam / water properties. I wrote these programs back in the 1980's while I was working for TU Electric. Please use them to the fullest extent.

Please note that these are DOS programs and must be run from DOS or a DOS window. After running one of the programs you may experience an "empty" screen afterwards. If so, just type "cls" and that will restore your screen defaults.

Please send comments to me at .

There is an Microsoft (R) Excel add-in version of my steam tables at KORF Software .

There is an open source steam tables IAPWS-IF97 project at FreeSteam (SourceForge) target="new" class="link"> FreeSteam (project leader).

There is an another free Excel plugin available at

You can get information on the newer steam tables at The International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS).
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