Version 8.0 of DESIGN II for Windows released February 1998.
              New  State -of-the-Art Mixed Amines Capabilities  for Gas Treating Applications...

ith the release of version 8.0 of DESIGN II for Windows, WinSim now offers one of the most comprehensive and user friendly process simulators for the hydrocarbon processing industry.  DESIGN II for Windows now includes mixed amines technology featuring the Kent-Eisenberg and Desmukh-Mather methods
for predicting thermodynamic properties.  We have increased the amine database to include MDEA and DIPA in addition to our previously existing amines, MEA, DEA and DGA.  The new features  enable you to formulate any two amines to optimize your H2S and CO2 removal based on your inlet feed composition.  You can specify tray types and number of trays as well as spacing and weir height.  There will be several flowsheets of typical amine units with an absorber and regenerator added to the sample problems for users to work from.  This will bring  immediate value to anyone involved with sour gas  treating  applications.  This includes, but is

New DESIGN II Updated Manual

The full manual has been updated and is now available. This is the same information that can be found in the on-line Users Guide under the Help menu. For those that would like a printed copy the cost is $40.00 U.S. and $75.00 Int'l.

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